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About Love Harry x

I am Nikki and I am mum to the most incredible little boy called Harry. And as you have probably guessed...."It's all about Harry x"

This product range has come about from the love we have for Harry and his journey to learn sign language.  We wanted to create beautiful and personal products that help celebrate and teach sign language to all the family.  Designed for hearing and deaf families alike this range offers something for everyone.

We are a signing family.  When Harry was born in 2014 he was diagnosed as severely deaf with a progressive loss that later deteriorated to a profound loss and he received Cochlear implants at the age of 18 months.

By this time Harry had over 250 signs that he used with us at home and though he had never heard sound, he was a calm happy baby that communicated brilliantly.  After implantation we continued our signing journey along side developing speech for Harry and the true power of sign language astounded us.  Harry was speaking within a year and matching his peers within 2 years, which would not be possible without his access to communication through Sign language. 

As our journey continued we created the fingerspelling alphabet to inspire Harry and it certainly did that….and now its inspiring others…..

We hope you love the prints as much as we do.

Nikki & Harry xxx


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